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There are some amazing ladies behind Kind Apparel, whether they're designing making and marketing the products, or out in the world using them! We're excited to have rolled out our ambassador program this year and are stoked to have these ladies represent our brand and our message.

Bre Mirynech - Banff, Alberta, Canada
 "I love to explore and experience this world in as many ways as I possible can -hiking, climbing, scrambling, ice climbing, mountaineering, backpacking, all of it. I love being with Mother Nature, pushing myself physically and mentally and discovering who I am. It sparks a fire in me to share this joy with others and see the excitement and passion it brings them as well. The world is an absolutely incredible place and it holds pure magic if you're willing to open your eyes to it" 
Follow her journey on Instagram - @bremirynech

Megan Davin - Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
"I am an outdoorist, I live work and study around nature. Having lived in 7 different states and spending time traveling to many more, I have discovered that I love meeting and interacting with people from all over. My love of the mountains and nature was ingrained at a young age, and has always been in the background of my learning. I am a lifelong learner, always trying to adapt to my new surroundings.  I now travel with my dog Kit, who loves road trips and playing in nature just as much as I do. Currently based in Utah, it is the perfect jumping off point to continue my curiosity and growth of seeing “the west” having grown up on the East Coast everything is still so amazing, fresh and beautiful to me. Every new place I go and repeat trips to old places I love traveling and sharing stories with others! Typically you will find me skiing, mountain biking or truck camping."
Follow her journey on Instagram - @ skirting_the_mountains 
or her blog and podcast: http://www.skirtingthemountains.co/ 




Becca Bauer - Boone, North Carolina , USA

"My passions lie in environmental advocacy and outdoor adventure. I was raised in New York State and spent much of my growing years going on hikes in my backyard (a 4,000-acre nature reservation). This is where I began to develop my great appreciation for the natural world. Now, I live in the mecca of outdoor activities in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. Most days you can find me either running, hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, bike packing, rock climbing, or doing yoga. I believe that the clothes I wear while I get to enjoy the Earth should be made with her in mind. I am excited to be a positive voice out there for the women who are excited about imperfection, vulnerability, and just having fun outside! My future holds a lot of solo travel across the beautiful country we have. I hope to meet you all one day and listen to your journeys!"


Follow her journey on Instagram- @beccabauer141 or follow her blog- Run into the Unknown



Jonna Schwarz - Hamilton, Montana, USA

"I fill my days with adventure; in the gym as a personal trainer, on the mat as a yoga instructor and most importantly, in nature as an avid outdoors-woman. My lifestyle spans the seasons, skiing and hiking in the winter to keep warm and enjoy the challenging elements. Then more hiking along with fishing and backpacking through spring until summer warms the lakes for paddleboarding and swimming. As fall ascends, I will be out hunting, cycling and enjoying the foliage that slowly turns on the chilly nights spent by a campfire. Montana has been a home to my family for over 5 generations, and I consider myself very fortunate to feel so intricately connected to this land and space." 

Follow her journey on Instagram: @roamyoga
or visit her yoga studio for a class or training!

Sarah Freeman - Carlsbad, California, USA

"As a business owner & founder of Floating Yogis (est. in 2012), I spend a lot of my time sharing the love & balance of stand up paddleboard yoga with others! I do this through weekly classes, team building workshops, full moon paddles, kids camps, sup yoga teacher trainings, retreats & more! The water brings a sense of healing and calm to my soul. It mimics the eb & flow of life. It’s a gentle reminder to find balance & stay true to the present moment. I absolutely love sharing these gifts in a playful way with others!! I hope you will one day come & play too! When I’m not engaging in business, I am caught up in finding opportunities to show my 5 kids how to love & care for our earth in the most eco friendly way. My motto in life has become “character is caught not taught” May we all find ways & commonalities with each other to continue to live in  in ways that will create that ripple of change in our world!

Follow her journey on Instagram: @floatingyogis
OR take a SUP Yoga class from her: Learn more


Interested in becoming an ambassador?
This program involves chosen representatives who have a strong social media presence, and a passion for what we do here at Kind Apparel. Our requirements for consideration are as follows:
  • Preference of a large (3k+) and dedicated social media reach and audience that coincides with Kind Apparel’s customer base
  • Must not be affiliated with competing/overlapping programs (i.e., cannot be an ambassador for a competing brand. Competing brands to be determined by Kind Apparel)
  • Must post content regularly via Instagram and other social media channels
  • Must create high quality imagery for social media
  • Must generate quality engagement/interaction on social media posts

Once accepted into the program, the opportunity exists to generate sales for Kind Apparel and receive a percentage of profit off of each sale you are responsible for. Apply below and we'll send you more information if we think the partnership is a good fit!

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